The County of Marin believes the workforce is our greatest asset and it is our responsibility to be thoughtful and intentional in how we recruit, develop and support our people. We believe taking health and wellness initiatives in our organization has a positive impact on everybody and can support our organization as a whole and our people in their everyday lives. Our mission is to provide opportunities that engage, educate and empower our workforce in leading healthy and active lifestyles that support overall wellbeing.


Deals and discounts page for gym partnerships as well as other community partners.


A go-to resource to help you regroup, refresh or reenergize your workday.

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E3 Wellness Program Updates

Coping with COVID Webinar hosted by Kaiser (non-Kaiser members welcome) on June 17th was recorded and will be available until September 14th

This 1-hour webinar focuses specifically on how to cope with this pandemic through the following:

E3 Wellness has started a Virtual Program

Wellness-related resources associated with COVID-19 for employees


Ongoing Resources

Nooner Lagooner (at "social distance")

Farmers Market

  • Essential services not only include our communities farmers markets, but the open-air environment and provides the shortest food supply chain possible.
  • Agricultural Institute of Marin have made adjustments and new guidelines to accommodate both farmers and locals to ensure you have SAFE access to fresh food while social distancing. This includes handwashing and sanitizing stations, increasing space between booths, banning all non-essential activities, and requiring all prepared food to be sold to-go.
  • Farmers markets are at the Civic Center every Thursdays and Sundays from 8am-1pm.

Frankly Fitness

(Currently closed due to COVID19. We will notify all County employees when it will be safe to resume usage)

Frankly Fitness is our Employee Dedicated gym at the Civic Center.

County Partnerships Offering Temporary Solutions During ‘Shelter in Place’

  • Sukha Yoga exclusive County offer: unlimited streaming live yoga classes for $50 a month.
  • 24 Hour Fitness offers 24GO: this app provides access to 1500 different workouts.
  • MyYogaworks launches mobile option: MyYogaworks extends a month-to-month $15 access to over 800 online yoga classes.
  • FitnessSF: Temporary access to FREE online fitness classes.


 Kori Graff, Wellness Coordinator
 Phone: (415) 473-7532
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