Our mission is to become a more adaptive organization where we encourage engagement, learning, and leadership at all levels. We are dedicated to supporting impactful learning experiences for all County employees.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The County’s Tuition Assistance Program is a resource that helps broaden the training and development opportunities for County staff. The purpose of this program is to support County of Marin employees in their efforts to expand their knowledge, increase their marketable skills and advance their careers within the County. It is open to all regular hire and limited-term employees who have been in a regular or limited-term position for at least six (6) months and have achieved at least a rating of “competent and effective” on their most recent performance review.


Leadership development is an essential part of preparing our future leaders while empowering all employees to lead change and innovation within their influence. Some of the training that we offer include:

Leadership Academy: The County partners with Dominican University, to offer a customized Leadership Development Academy. The Academy is an accredited program that will assist participants in building their leadership skills and increase the capacity for leadership throughout the organization.

Supervisor Bootcamp:  Designed for supervisors and managers. Supervisor Bootcamp includes a series of courses designed to support new and experienced managers to be successful in their role. Courses provide foundational knowledge of personnel management regulations and procedures, and opportunities to learn essential skills from giving feedback to navigating interpersonal conflict.

Introduction to Supervision: This course is designed for new and aspiring supervisors. Participants focus on the essential daily tasks required to maximize the productivity, motivation, and success of those under their leadership.

Best Practices for Hiring Managers: In order to ensure that every recruitment is successful, this training provides hiring managers an overview of the recruitment process and highlights best practices and resources to use throughout that process.


The development of our employees ensures that they have the tools and skills they need to perform the work their do, keep up to date with changes in their fields, and are have opportunities for continuous growth and development. Some of the training that we offer include:

New Hire Orientation: Every new county employee is required to attend new hire orientation which includes an orientation to working for county government and a review of benefits.

Cultural Competency/Intelligence: This training introduces employees to key terms and concepts related to workplace discrimination and bias. Employees have a chance to explore concepts which explore social identities, inclusion and bias.

Disaster Services Worker: County employees are introduced to their roles and responsibilities as designated disaster services workers.

Preventing Workplace Harassment: Under state law, all employees are required to be trained to recognize workplace harassment and understand their role in preventing and responding to harassment in the workplace.

Reasonable Suspicion: This training is required of all managers to understand how to make fair and reasonable assessment when there is concern related to drug or alcohol use in the workplace.

Computer Courses: A range of computer courses for basic to advanced skill levels are offered.