Do you need a last mile connection between your SMART Train stop and your workplace? There are a few options to consider when planning your commute trip.

Marin Transit Connect

Mobility on demand is now available in Northern San Rafael. Marin Transit Connect is an on-demand rideshare service that allows you to request rides anywhere in the service area using your smart phone.

Visit the Marin Transit Connect website for service area maps, fares, service hours, and reservation information and to download the Connect App .

The County of Marin has partnered with Marin Transit Connect to provide last mile connections between the Civic Center SMART station and selected County work sites. You can request rides to the following County locations:

  • Jeannette Prandi
  • 1600 Los Gamos
  • 120 N. Redwood
  • 10 & 20 N. San Pedro

All Connect fares to and from the Civic Center SMART station and above work locations will be covered by the County for the trial period. If you would like to use this service, please email RideGreen to request a promo code.

Civic Center Service ­­­— Keeping with the County of Marin’s wellness goals, we encourage employees to walk from the SMART station to your workplace. In the event that you cannot walk or during wet weather, we have you covered — Marin Transit has timed ROUTES 49 & 35 to meet the SMART train and drop you off at Judge Haley Drive under the middle arch.

Transportation Authority of Marin & Lyft Partnership

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) has partnered with Lyft to provide a discount code for shared Lyft rides to/from SMART Stations in Marin County. Begin or end the ride at a SMART station in Marin County during the SMART hours of operation Monday through Friday. Use the Lyft app to hail a shared Lyft ride from a Marin County SMART Station to your office in the county and apply the discount code.

Participants in the program pay the first $2 fare of their shared Lyft ride to or from SMART, and then TAM provides up to $5 for the remaining cost of the ride.

Other Transit Connections

SMART Train riders receive a discounted rate when transferring to Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, Petaluma Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus or Sonoma County Transit. You will need to add additional cash value onto your Clipper Card to pay for these transfers.

Marin Commutes Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home

Do you commute by bike, transit, carpool, or vanpool and need a ride home due to an unforeseen emergency? There's no need to panic. If an unexpected situation arises, you can be reimbursed for an ride home via taxi, Uber, Lyft, or equivalent transportation service, by simply submitting a reimbursement request. Commuters are guaranteed four emergency rides home a year in the event of an unforeseen emergency occurring during regular work hours. You are not required to participate in a RideGreen incentive program to request an emergency ride home. Visit the Marin Commutes Emergency Ride Home page for more details.


SMART allows you to ride your bicycle on the train and has several spots on the trains to secure your bike. If you would like a more active form of commuting to boost your health and wellness, you can ride your bike from your transit stop to your workplace. To search for a bike path from a SMART train stop to your workplace, you can use Google Maps. As with any new trip by bicycling, it's always help to test ride your route first on the weekends or prior to commuting to work for the first time by bike.

For more information, visit the RideGreen FAQs.

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